Eni Award Invitation

Dear Prof. Goldstein,

Eni assignes each year the Eni Award to promote a better use of energy sources, promote research on the environment and help the new generations of researchers to emerge. With this purpose, the Scientific Secretariat spent a great effort in the last months to find worldwide researches of great relevance, able to meet the criteria of the Eni Award.

We have come to know of the researches undertaken by yourself, which may concern the interests of this Award.
In particular, we came across your scientific activities by the article Theoretical analysis of an airborne wind energy conversion system with a ground generator and fast m, which shows that your research relates to a very interesting topic. I am therefore writing to suggest you to take into consideration the possibility of proposing your Candidature to the Eni Award 2014. Accordingly, you may present another research result accomplished during these past years, if related to energy or environment.

In this year’s edition the Eni Award assigns four main international Prizes for outstanding achievements in scientific works:

– The New Frontiers of Hydrocarbons (Downstream) Prize worth 200.000 Euros;
– The New Frontiers of Hydrocarbons (Upstream) Prize worth 200.000 Euros;
– The Renewable Energy Prize worth 200.000 Euros;
– The Protection of the Environment Prize worth 200.000 Euros.

The registration process is online-based and is therefore very easy and quick to complete. Should you decide to propose your Candidature, please do not hesitate to contact me: the staff of the Scientific Secretariat will be delighted to provide you any further clarification or assistance in the eventuality.

Moreover please note that, if you prefer, you can fill the forms that you already received with our previous invitation and send them to me, in order to check if they are properly compiled before the final submission.

The deadline for the remission of the candidatures will fall on November the 22nd, 2013 no later than 5.00 pm CET (Central European Time).
Awaiting your kind reply, I remain at your disposal.

Giovanna De Lucia


Giovanna De Lucia

Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei
C.so Magenta, 63
20123 Milano
Tel: +39-02.52036934 switchboard
Fax: +39-02.48197724
e-mail: <redacted>@feem.it



  1. I am not a professor.
  2. I have not received the award.
  3. Still, it is pleasant when your work is noticed.